To thank our wonderfully talented educators for all they do, Booker Manchester is happy to introduce our new Teacher Appreciation Program!

Educators, Librarians, and Home School Parents can take advantage of this program. All you need to do is bring a school ID, letter of intent for homeschooling, or paycheck stub to the Bookery. We will add you to our system and you’ll receive a 15% discount anytime you shop! If you are buying books for your classroom, you’ll receive a 25% off discount!

We are also starting a monthly teachers newsletter and we want you to contribute! This newsletter will be emailed to everyone who signs up for the program. We want to help you share your teaching wins, losses, wonderful moments, and insight, with others in your field. We would also love to know what you’re reading, what your classroom is reading, and how you motivate your students!

How do you make learning fun?

Please email anything you’d like to share with other educators to

Here at Bookery Manchester, we believe in the power of reading to create a strong community, so there are ways to involve your classrooms as well! We want to receive book reviews from your students. Each month, we will create a display with these student reviews so your students can help other readers find a new favorite book and develop a love of reading!

If you have any questions regarding this new program please feel free to reach out to us at 603-836-6600 or email Cassie Doran at

We appreciate everything you do, and want to inspire the next generation of readers together.